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Carolina Canines one-on-one programs give you and your dog the personal attention you deserve, while empowering you with knowledge and skills based on communication and mutual respect to move forward with a new way of being. Each dog and every situation is unique and Carolina Canines will work with you to tailor a training or behavior modification plan that is right for you and your dog. Common issues Jason addresses are reactivity, aggression, fear, anxiety, and resource guarding. Contact us today for your no-cost phone call to discuss your needs, and begin your journey to building a bond based on communication and mutual respect that will last a lifetime!

"...Jason made us think outside of ourselves and to view the world as Milo did - this truly helped us all. Thank you, Jason, for your love and compassion for all dogs and humans and for sharing that passion with us. We are a better family and it is all because of you."

Michelle Story

"We've spent a lot of money on other tools/products, individual 1 : 1 training, and general class training over the last few years. I can say we've seen more progress from the first 6 hours with Jason than we have seen in the last 2 years of training. He's an expert and I would refer him to anyone. It is by far the best money we have spent. We still have things to work on, but I am confident that we have the tools and knowledge now to be successful."

Donald Deeds

"My husband and I were at wits end with our strong willed pitbull. We struggled for three years, ...we are so thankful for Carolina Canines showing us how to understand our dog and truly be great pet parents. We couldn't be more thankful for Jason's patience and knowledge; it's invaluable to us!"

Katherine Bitner

"If you are considering booking with Jason I would highly encourage it, you can see the passion Jason has for this work and helping you succeed with your dog. The insight and information Jason was able to provide about our dogs and then equipping us with the knowledge to correct those actions was/is/will be invaluable"

Noah Swabe

"...I immediately recognized Jason’s natural ability to work with dogs...Having his help with my client’s dogs was a great asset...Fast forward and Jason is now helping dog owners in his area to bond with their dogs on a deeper level, providing the instruction to build happy healthy life long relationships. If Jason still lived in New Jersey I would gladly invite him to become part of Your Dog and You."

Christine Nolan

Dog Behavior Specialist

Founder of Your Dog and You

"...They had gotten into a few fights with one another and were also not great at walking on a leash. We were frequently walking on eggshells, worried most of the day a fight would break out. After our first session we learned SO MUCH! And by our follow-up session the dogs were on their way to being excellent, polite walking buddies. I cannot say enough on how grateful we were to have Jason provide us with the education and tools that have helped the entire household and we would easily recommend him to anyone that needs assistance!"

Sarah Kennedy

"I noticed an immediate difference after spending three and a half hours with Jason. He is a true dog whisperer and just understands dogs...his barking has improved 300%, he is a dream on the leash and my mom is willing to dog sit now! Jason was available for the many questions I had and I loved updating him with all my successes...I am so grateful to have found Jason, he fixed my dog!"

Christina Giulianelli

"...His passion for wanting to help his clients, both four legged and two legged, comes through not only in his knowledge, patience, and training of the dogs, but in his patience and understanding in teaching their owners...His extensive experience of working with dogs is obvious when speaking with him and in seeing his results. I am very grateful to know Jason and to be able to talk to him on a level very few ‘trainers’ are able to converse in."

Sheri Venza

Professional Dog Trainer

Published Author

Calling All Canines LLC

"Jason is a proven miracle worker...He has saved several adoptions for us by coaching new adopters through transitional obstacles and helping the dogs and their new families go on to have mutually happy relationships. He has also hosted several group training sessions for our fosters and received rave reviews each time. I highly recommend Jason for your dog training needs."

Carla Roshitsh

"Jason was patient and answered all of my questions. He truly understands how a dog thinks and why it behaves or misbehaves!! I would highly recommend Jason for your dog training needs. He has a deep understanding of dog behavior and will guide you through the process."

Anna Russell


The foundation of any close relationship begins with communication. As humans, we often misinterpret what our dogs are telling us. Learn how to understand your dog and communicate in a way that is natural to them, and begin forming a bond that will last a lifetime!

Honor Your Dog's Nature

Dogs are pack animals and crave the pack structure that comes natural to them. Learning to see your dog in a new way and understanding what your dog needs from you is a vital part of building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.


Harmony is achieved when your dog becomes well balanced and understands what is expected of them in any situation. Learn to create a harmonious existence with your dog!

Willis and Farrah