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From basic dog obedience training to intensive canine behavioral rehabilitation, Carolina Canines is here to help! Obedience training and behavior modification require very different approaches. Each dog and every situation is unique and Carolina Canines will tailor a behavior modification or obedience training plan that is right for you and your dog. Common issues that Jason addresses are pulling, lunging, reactivity, aggression, anxiety, and resource guarding. Contact us today to begin your journey to building a bond based on communication and respect that will last a lifetime!


The foundation of any close relationship begins with communication. As humans, we often misinterpret what our dogs are telling us. Learn how to understand your dog and communicate in a way that is natural to them, and begin forming a bond that will last a lifetime!

Honor Your Dog's Nature

Dogs are pack animals and crave the pack structure that comes natural to them. Learning to see your dog in a new way and understanding what your dog needs from you is a vital part of building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.


Harmony is achieved when your dog becomes well balanced and understands what is expected of them in any situation. Learn to create a harmonious existence with your dog!

Willis and Farrah