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About Jason Scarduzio

From obedience training to working with dogs exhibiting a variety of behavioral issues ranging from reactivity and aggression to anxiety and resource guarding, Jason possesses the natural ability to read the dog's energy and body language. This gives him the insight to understand the dog's brain as well as what they are telling us and communicate with them in a way that they understand, and to succeed where others have not.

Originally a client of hers, Jason’s natural ability was quickly recognized by Christine Nolan, Dog Behavior Specialist and Founder of Your Dog and You. Jason’s desire to gain a deeper understanding of canine psychology and to put in the work, led to Christine mentoring him over the course of several years which also included having him shadow her and assist with clients and seminars.

Jason’s experience also extends into shelter and rescue environments. In addition to helping with their most difficult dogs, he has taught safe dog handling classes and lead mentor programs at local shelters, and he enjoys teaching classes on various topics for rescue fosters and volunteers.

With well-rounded real-world experience, he is highly recommended by dog owners, shelters, rescues, and other canine professionals alike. Jason is well versed in various techniques and tools that can be used and being able to see which will be most beneficial for a particular dog.

The humans are an equally important part of any training program or behavior modification, and Jason's charismatic manner of explaining the dog's brain and thought process in a way that is both entertaining and easy to understand is consistently praised by those whom he works with one-on-one, as well as those who have attended his canine behavior seminars. His patience is one of the virtues that sets him apart, both with the dogs and the humans. Able to adapt quickly to any situation, Jason takes great pride in seeing a dog and its' handler succeed so that both can enjoy the lifelong bond created by trust and mutual respect.

Jason and General Jason and Dahlia