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Behavior Modification

Behavioral issues can arise at any age and at any point in a dog's life. A change to a dog's pack dynamic, such as a recent move or a new family member, can cause even a formerly well-behaved dog to develop new behavioral issues. Every dog craves clear direction and understanding of what is expected of them in every scenario. Every event is an opportunity to teach your dog, and gain his or her trust through demonstrating calm, confident leadership that gives your dog's brain the ability to relax and become the follower they were born to be.

We always begin with a no-cost phone call to discuss the needs of you and your dog and how we can address them.

The first 3 1/2 hour session will take place at your home and is designed to give you an understanding of how your dog's brain works, how they perceive events, and how their brain learns. The cornerstones of any strong bond and relationship are communication, trust, and mutual respect and you will learn how to develop this foundation with your dog by reading your dog's body language and how to communicate with them in way that they understand. With this new knowledge, together we will then create the scenarios that you currently struggle with and you will be able to observe how I communicate to your dog and how your dog communicates with me, while receiving clear direction on what I am doing and why. Having been able to see the solution in action, you will then get to work using the same techniques that I applied, while I guide you on your body language, technique, timing, and intensity so that you can practice confidently. You will finish your initial consult with a new understanding of your dog and the confidence that comes with having a new set of skills!

Later that evening, you will receive a list of points to remember that we covered and a customized homework plan of items to work on with your dog between our sessions so that you and your dog have a path to success.

The included 1 1/2 hour follow up session will take place either at your home or off-site, depending on which will best serve your goals and dog's needs. We will review your experiences since our initial session, cover any remaining issues that we may not have covered, and further hone your new skills. This follow up session must be scheduled between three and six weeks from your initial consult. For two months after your follow up session, you are welcome to email me with any questions that you may have so that I can help keep you and your dog on the path to success. Should you need further one-on-one sessions, additional one-hour appointments are available.

Begin the journey to a more fulfilling and harmonious relationship for both you and your dog by using our online contact form or calling us at (984) 302-4722 today !



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