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Behavior modification and training are two very different needs, and as such, require very different approaches. Standard training programs often do not succeed in correcting behavioral problems as they do not address the core issues of the behavior or the psychological needs of the dog. Carolina Canines behavior modfication consults teach you to see your dog's behavior in a whole new way while gaining the insight of how your dog's brain works, how they perceive events, and how their brain learns. Having this knowledge paired with clear communication skills that are natural for your dog to understand gives you new skills to move forward with a new way of being.

Each family's lifestyle is different as is the individual dog. Carolina Canines always begins with a no-cost phone call so we can review your dog's specific needs, how we can address them, and put a plan together that's right for you. I believe in treating each case individually to best meet the needs of you and your dog and I always encourage all family members to participate in the process so that the dog receives consistent communication, allowing them to learn more quickly.

Contact us today to learn more about how Carolina Canines can help you and your dog to live a balanced, happy life!

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