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Basic Obedience Training

Do you wish that your dog responded to basic commands and walked beautifully beside you on a nice, loose leash? Then the Carolina Canines Basic Training Program is for you! Customized to your individual dog's needs, you will learn how to properly teach your dog the basic commands such as sit, stay, come, drop, and look, as well as how to walk properly on a loose leash. Obedience training doesn't have to be boring, it can be fun!

This program is not intended for dogs with behavioral issues. If your dog exhibits behavioral issues such as lunging, reactivity, aggression, anxiety, or resource guarding then check out our behavior modification services!

Use our online contact form or call us at (984) 302-4722 today to get started !

Loose Leash Walking
Two Dogs Sitting
Large Open Training Yard
Large Fenced Training Yard