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Who better to tell you about Carolina Canines than those who have seen the results first hand? Please take a few moments to read what people are saying about Carolina Canines!

“ I have had 2 incredible dog training sessions with Jason and both times I have come away with knowledge and a better understanding of how to work with my dogs. Jason doesn’t just show you what you need to do to train your dog he also explains why it works and how the dogs mind works, so the training makes total sense!!!

My first training session was a basic introduction to loose leash walking. Wow!!! What a light bulb moment I had. All these years I had been doing it all wrong, no wonder I was being pulled up the street every morning. Jason clearly demonstrated how to walk a dog without pulling and also explained why his techniques worked. Jason was patient and answered everybody’s questions professionally. He had everyone walking their dogs by the end of the class, instead of the dog walking us!! I have since throughly enjoyed walking my dogs!

My second class was a one-on-one session with my dog having resource guarding behaviors. Jason knew immediately why my dog was displaying this behavior and showed me the techniques I could use so she could overcome her fears and resource guarding. Again, Jason not only showed me how to train her, he also explained why these techniques would change the behavior. Jason was patient and answered all of my questions. He truly understands how a dog thinks and why it behaves or misbehaves!! I would highly recommend Jason for your dog training needs. He has a deep understanding of dog behavior and will guide you through the process”.

Anna Russell

Wake Forest NC

"I met Jason ten years ago to help him with his then dog, General. General was not an easy case, however I felt he was an absolute candidate for full rehabilitation as long as his owner was willing to put in the work.

I immediately recognized Jason’s natural ability to work with dogs. He absorbed every ounce of information he could and put all of my instruction into place. As he saw results he became more and more interested in dog psychology/training and rehabilitation, and asked to shadow me with other clients and even help out. Having his help with my client’s dogs was a great asset. Over time, his dog General became balanced and lived out a happy healthy life with Jason and his family. I can honestly say that if this dog had not lived with Jason that the results would have not been the same. Fast forward and Jason is now helping shelter dogs in his area to become adoptable and dog owners to bond with their dogs on a deeper level, providing the instruction to build happy healthy life long relationships.

If Jason still lived in New Jersey I would gladly invite him to become part of Your Dog and You."

Christine Nolan Williams

Dog Behavior Specialist

Founder of Your Dog and You

For anyone looking for a dog behaviorist/trainer, we spent several hours with Jason and Julie of Carolina Canines this Saturday, and cannot recommend them enough. We saw results within a few minutes of their arrival, and our dogs are already so much calmer. We still have work to do, but we’ve made great progress. The dogs are already walking on a loose leash, waiting to go in or out, and leaving us alone when we have food.

If you need help with your dogs, I highly recommend these folks. They teach owners how to exhibit calm leadership, and how to communicate with pets. We learned so much in the time they spent with us. The techniques they teach make a lot of sense, and are easy enough for just about anyone to implement. The homework is simple enough to incorporate into our usual schedule.

Jason and Julie are patient and understanding, with both people and pets. They are very easy to work with. They also volunteer their skills to a local rescue, working with foster dogs. They are truly great folks!

They definitely work with tough cases, so if you’ve been unable to get help in the past, please reach out to them. We can’t say enough good things about these folks!

- Deb Mulder

Wake Forest NC

Jason Scarduzio came to my home for a private lesson with my 2 Aussies. I have an older stubborn girl and wild and crazy 16 month old puppy. Both responded so well and I saw progress just in 1 session. Jason was awesome and so patient. He even stayed longer to make sure he addressed all situations that came up. He sure had his hands full with Shadow! We have a lot of homework to do but he made it look easy! Looking forward to well behaved and well structured dogs.

- Christi Giulianelli

Wake Forest NC

"Jason is one of the few dog training professionals that I have met in my career who understands the psychology of the canine pack mentality, and is able to convey the necessary information to train the owner in order to fix the issue(s) of the dog, so that the training is both easily understood and able to be implemented.

His passion for wanting to help his clients, both four legged and two legged, comes through not only in his knowledge, patience, and training of the dogs, but in his patience and understanding in teaching their owners.

His extensive experience of working with dogs is obvious when speaking with him and in seeing his results. I am very grateful to know Jason and to be able to talk to him on a level very few ‘trainers’ are able to converse in."

Sheri Venza

Professional Dog Trainer

Calling All Canines LLC

Published Author

"I am a foster for a local rescue. I had taken in my most challenging foster yet. I didn’t know how I would manage him myself, much less prepare him for adoption. When I say wild, that’s a real understatement. This dog was as cute as he could be, but he was constantly jumping on me, biting me, pulling my hair, and taking ME for a walk. He thought he was playing, but at 62 lbs, this was not playing. I’d tried everything I knew to do and it was just not working.

I contacted Jason and Julie. They came to my house to help. Jason observed Harley, began working with him, and within 30 minutes, he was like a new dog. Jason explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. He showed me techniques that I did not know. The transformation was amazing and I felt hopeful once again. Hopeful that Harley would learn the proper way to play, know that it’s not okay to jump, bite and drag me down the road with leash in hand. I was confident that if I continued with the techniques that Harley and I had been taught, Harley would make a great dog for someone.

Jason has helped us many times with our rescued dogs and he’s taken the time to offer small classes for our fosters. Jason and Julie genuinely care about the dogs and I’m convinced they speak their language.

I can’t say enough good things about Jason and Julie with Carolina Canines. They are amazing and I would highly recommend them for all of your training needs."

Lisa T.

Franklinton NC

"Jason is a proven miracle worker. I met him through my work with a local animal rescue. He joined as a volunteer and quickly became invaluable to us by helping fosters understand basic dog psychology and giving them sound advice on how to get desired behaviors using force-free, positive reinforcement techniques. He has saved several adoptions for us by coaching new adopters through transitional obstacles and helping the dogs and their new families go on to have mutually happy relationships. He has also hosted several group training sessions for our fosters and received rave reviews each time. I highly recommend Jason for your dog training needs."

- Carla Roshitsh

Paws For Life Animal Rescue

"The dog training class I took from Jason was absolutely eye opening. I really learned a lot especially about how to use a leash. I was able to easily go home and put into practice what I had learned! It has helped myself and my new dog learn to enjoy walks together now! Jason has made me a more confident dog handler and has helped my dog feel more confident as well ! "

Caroline Hunter-Steffen

Wake Forest NC

"Jason was recommended to us by a friend that had a great experience with his training. We found a dog in the woods and were having a difficult time bringing her into our pack as our American Bulldog was not warming up to her. We thought it was our Bulldog but Jason quickly diagnosed the problem as being the new dog. He spent a good bit of time with us and helped give us practical things to work on with all our dogs to help lower anxiety and continue the process of introducing Sheena to our family. He always stresses the importance of patience and our training as owners to help us communicate with our dogs."

Steve and Lisa Toback

Wakefield NC